Michael Schaible arrived in San José del Cabo in 1986 and he became one of the first Real Estate brokers when he founded the Baja Properties office. At that time, another five American Real Estate agents got together to create the 10 business rules, according to the Multiple Listing Service of the United States model, which gave origin to the MLS in Los Cabos.

Today this company owned by the brokers themselves has around 900 members, and in 2021 it reported sales for around two billion dollars. The existence of the MLS guarantees the interests of both buyers and sellers, and allows sales to get completed in a much more secure manner.

The MLS also stores and shares the database of all available properties, which can be reviewed on the different websites including photos, videos and virtual tours.

Schaible assured that in recent years a new market has arrived; the Mexican national potential buyer did not care about Los Cabos, but now they are growing both, as tourists and as property investors.

According to Schaible, he identifies two types of investors: those who bring their money because they know it is one of the best places to buy a tourists property, and the other, who enjoy this destination and know that Real Estate here retains its value.

And also comments:

“We have a large number of condominiums for rent through platforms or rented by the owners themselves; which even helps them pay their mortgage”.
“Commercial premises are also a good investment” due to the number of people who are continuosly arriving at this destination.”