Pueblo bonito vantage san miguel de allende: the residences


Discover Pueblo Bonito Vantage San Miguel de Allende – The Residences, an architectural masterpiece boasting unparalleled vistas, a prime location, and an air of exclusivity. Our project seamlessly weaves together design and lifestyle, complemented by the distinguished service of Grupo Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resort, resulting in a peerless sanctuary of luxury.

Nestled within the coveted Corazón District, the nucleus of appreciating value in the city, our residences offer panoramic views from every angle. Gaze upon iconic domes and bell towers, including the renowned Parroquia de San Miguel de Allende, a cherished hallmark.

Pueblo Bonito Vantage’s 26 residences epitomize a harmonious blend of Mexican colonial allure and contemporary sophistication. The intricacies and finishes mirror the native color palette and materials, a tribute to the picturesque allure of San Miguel de Allende. Ground-level condos feature private gardens spanning up to 839.58 sq. ft. while exclusive Penthouse units boast private Rooftops of up to 1,420.84 sq. ft.

Our villas pay homage to the city’s vibrant hues, effortlessly merging with their surroundings. The street-level social space guides you to the villas, where ground-floor bedrooms unfold into private gardens. Each villa embodies an oasis complete with a garage, terraces, balconies, private gardens, and rooftops that frame awe-inspiring vistas.

Unearth elegance and allure at Pueblo Bonito Vantage, where the spirit of San Miguel de Allende animates every corner of our exclusive residences. Your venture into luxury and style awaits within the heart of Mexico.

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The Residences: Where History Meets Modern Luxury

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