For many centuries humans have invented all kinds of devices to be able to fly, from the hot air ballon, hang gliders and, of course, airplanes and small planes; but perhaps the paramotor is the first device that gives the person flying the independence to take off and land practically at will.

John McCarthy Moreno, a businessman in the Real Estate world in Los Cabos, is passionate about this sport for which favorable wind consitions are needed, that is: “very little wind but some wind,” he said. A clear area is also required; any beach is enough for it and then you only have to raise the sail and start the engine, to be up flying two or three seconds later.

“The first thing you have to master is the wing and i needed to practice for three months and only did one flight with an instructor before flying solo.”

McCarthy said that this activity does have a risk similar to riding a motorcycle; “Even if the engine stops, you have time to react by gliding with the wing, unlike a helicopter that if it stops it collapses.

You also bring an emergency parachute and a float and with an average full tank, it allows you to fly for three hours.

So far, this activity is not regulated in México nor in the United States, and it is considered an ultralight flying device.
McCarthy said that in the six months that he has been flying with his paramotor, flying over Balandra Beach is the most thrilling activity he has seen from above.