Between December 2022 and February 2023, the search for rental properties on Airbnb increased between 80% and 120% in Los Cabos, compared to the same period of the previous year.

These figures show the interest of travelers to visit this destination, despite the fact that the average prices are higher than the rest of the beach touristic destination in Mexico.

As an example, we conducted a search for the top nine properties listed on the respective Airbnb page in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancún during the week of April 16-22 of this year. The search was carried out on March 5, so it could vary if it is carried out on a different date.

In the third week of April, the average for nine properties with two bedrooms for four adults in Los Cabos was $17,986 pesos, with a daily price of $2,569 pesos; in Mazatlán it was $12,693 pesos with a daily price of $1,813 pesos; In Vallarta it was $14,296 pesos with a daily price of $2,042 pesos and in Cancun it was $11,579 pesos with an average daily price of $1,654 pesos.

Between the highest and the lowest, that is between Los Cabos and Cancun, there is a difference of 35%, largely as a result of the bigger offer base that exists in Cancun.

Although the local Hotel Associations complains that it is not a fair competition with Airbnb due to the fact that they pay less taxes and comply with fewer operating requirements; Rodrigo Esponda, director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust considered that the profit splurge the bring to the destination is quite significant.

Currently Airbnb guests represent about 13% of local visitors, who use, plane seats, and consume in shops, malls and restaurants.