When the Pueblo Bonito Group finished building Mavila, the first community in Quivira that did not face the Pacific Ocean, they broke not only that but also many other paradigms.

In Mavila all the apartments that have one, two or three bedrooms are part of Duplex, in its initial stage, and now some apartment towers are also being built. Its luxury design and details include high-quality wooden doors, striking tiles, and first class A/C and kitchen equipment, all of which contribute to their high demand.

But surely one of the most valuable aspects of this fine development are its amenities. Firstly because, as all the home owners in this development, they have exclusive access to the Quivira Golf Course, which was reviewed as the best in the world by “Golf Aficionado” Magazine in 2022.

Now, home owners will also have privileged access to the new Beach Club, located next to the Golf Course’s Club House, a magnificent place with some extraordinary views of the Pacific Ocean.

The Mavila home owners do receive a 20% discount in all the group’s consumption centers, as well as access to the Amakiri Botanical Garden where the exclusive food truck “La Choya” is strategically located.

Finally, they will also be able to participate in the Q-Life activities program, designed so that the Quivira members have access to quality options for fun, exercise activities and sports learning, as well as food and drinks.

All of these amenities and benefits are included in this package, and they all contribute into making Mavila such a great investment.