Yudit Camacho, known in the world of Social Media as Cuchara Mía, with 295K followers on Instagram and 445K on TikTok, currently lives in La Paz and is passionate about Baja California’s food.

In a recent interview, she recounted the most famous dishes in the State and began from the north down, starting in Guerrero Negro where there are high-quality lobsters and the “Lion’s claw” scallops known for their large size. “In all that area it is common to find lobster machaca burritos, the same as in San Ignacio” she says.

A little further down towards the middle of the peninsula, in the municipality of Comondú, there is a famous sweet wine that pairs well with desserts and the “panocha de gajo” a sweet made with orange and sugar cane, two products that are traditionally integrated with a mill stone pulled by a horse.

Clams are famous in Loreto, among them is the Chocolata Clam, often used to prepare grilled clams, which bear their name when they are “baked” sunk in gravel with fire and smoke, made from burning a local bush called “Chamizo”. These clams are best eaten in wheat flour tortilla tacos, with a sauce that includes chile honey and mustard.

In Santa Rosalía, the heritage of French culture influenced its tasty bakery, which is considered the best in the State.

La Paz, says Camacho, is the city where you can buy the best fresh oysters and a great variety of fish and shellfish that has given place to food fusion including Mediterranean, French and Italian techniques.

The battered and fried fish or shrimp tacos are a classic, but you shouldn’t miss the “chimangos” either, a fried bread coated in icing sugar, similar to Beignets; Also the hot dogs with a “leafy” sweet bun and a mayonnaise enriched with cream and mustard are not to be missed.

When in season, Cuchara Mía recommends not to miss the desserts and ice creams made with pitayas, those colorful fuits that come out of the Cactus; the ones that the nomadic natives who originally populated the peninsula collected for food.