The high quality of seafood products of Baja California Sur provide the indispensable prime material for high-end Japanese food restaurants in Los Cabos. Among all the restaurants that are open today, Nicksan continues to be considered one of the best.

Chef Ángel Carbajal, founder of the restaurant, managed to create fusion cuisine incorporating products from the north of Mexico with the Japanese gastronomy techniques. The story of this establishment dates back to 1993 when chef Ma-Sayuki Niikura visited Cabo San Lucas and Carbajal allowed him to prepare food in the kitchen of the restaurant where he worked at that time. Niikura taught him some of the secrets of Japanese gastronomy and then agreed to partner with Carbajal, to open the first Nicksan in October 1994.

The place, located near the Cabo San Lucas Marina, quickly established its prestige with some of its flagship dishes such as chile güeros stuffed with crab and tempura; the serranito horse mackerel sashimi and the raw tuna toast.

The second location opened near San José del Cabo, in the commercial area known as The Shoppes at Palmilla. Finally, Nicksan opened a third location in the residential area of Bosques de las Lomas in Mexico City.

Competition is becoming more intense in Los Cabos gastronomy, but Nicksan remains the first to have offered high-quality Japanese food.