Marialena Vital and Kike Tovar are the hosts of Las Guaperonas, a popular regional music program that is broadcasted by Cabo Mil Radio, from Cabo San Lucas. Both of them agree that in the last ten years Los Cabos growth has also resulted in a radical improvement of artistic experiences in the area.

The classic Cabo Wabo founded by Sammy Hagar, Van Halen guitarist, has been open for more than 30 years in Cabo San Lucas, and was visited by celebrities such as Bono or John Travolta among many others.
Following is Hard Rock Café, a place that had some down years but is currently back on its feet and houses some of the best local bands such as Ajinomoto, La Plaxa and La Reta.
An unforgettable club is the Squid Roe, where every night there is a musical set, still very famous in this destination.
The Mandala offers a new luxurious proposal, where gastronomy is combined with fantastic live music.
Boca Morada is also very popular among the “rucos”, elderly music fans of the 70s or 80s, performed by the Boca Morada Band.

The locals

Sierreño is the most popular music genre among the locals, it’s a fusion between music from the mountains with the Sinaloan tambora. One of the most popular places for this kind of music is Varitas, with a great atmosphere on Saturdays and Sundays.

Another attractive place in San Lucas is Funky Olive; also Tanga tanga and La Baja Diabla; while in San José del Cabo the Tenia Bar has gained prestige.
And finally, Jack’s is still one of the most popular for after hours.

Baja California Sur’s Music

Tovar mentioned that, when they have a chance, music fans should come to Los Huizapoles, where a couple who have spent more than 40 years in an artistic career combine original music from the Baja area with their stories from the South Californian countryside, and their irrelevant and ironic style.
Also La Cochi with Livais, is a folkloric group that has rescued polkas and old music such as Las Calabazas and El Conejo.

Finally, romantic music has spot in Bardo fuego y canciones, with Jaime Martínez the troubadour. The music scene in Los Cabos continues to develop and these two experts say that these are some of the best options out there today.