Locals of La Paz, Capital city of Baja California Sur, claim they have invented and prepare the best famous fish and shrimp tacos. However, it is well known that you can find and enjoy this delicacy all over the Baja Sur State.

Los Cabos and its surroundings are no exception and up until five years ago Tacos Rossy, in San José del Cabo, was one of the best places to enjoy this dish with either wheat flour or corn tortillas, depending on the costumer’s preference.

The increasing interest of local and foreign consumers in eating healthier has led to the creation of a new style of this dish, either because the flour they use for the batter is lighter, or because they have opted to completely remove it and directly roast the ingredients. In this regard, Cantina Barracuda, located in Cerritos, has set a new standard and has even been featured by food critics in Netflix’s Taco Chronicles.

The value of the original

Tacos Rossy continues to be a highly visited establishment, due to its unusually low prices for such an expensive destination as Los Cabos. And also, because apart from the battered fish and shrimp the menu includes cocktails, shells, raw shellfish and many other local delicacies.

Here once the tacos are ready, the consumer has to get up to a counter, where they can choose to add coleslaw, a variety of spicy sauces, onions, pickled chiles and guacamole. This consideration for individual preferences and the freedom to add the number of toppings that each person desires, makes these tacos a very special place.

The modern vision

When traveling from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, you will find Playa Cerritos where the Barracuda Cantina is located. This is a restaurant with wooden tables flanked by a bar and a food truck.

Hosted by its owner, Daniel Sánchez is an expert mixologist who has contributed to the fame of this place with his drink creations based on fresh fruits, such as passion fruit and tamarind, chilli, mezcal and other wines and spirits.

Here, you will find a variety of craft beers and high-end Tequilas, great to accompany the battered shrimp or fish tacos; also, some grilled seafood and fresh ceviche tostadas stand out on the menu. Special dishes will be served every weekend, such as tower of raw tuna with watermelon and avocado tempura tacos.

Here the quality of the service stands out for the lovely and attentive waiters and their desire to guide costumers to choose what will satisfy their appetite.