Cabo San Lucas continues to grow and although there are very few Real Estate properties that have not been impacted in the center of this destination, on January 27th the Council of the Municipality of Los Cabos approved, by eight votes in favor and four against, the change of land use of the Cerro de la Z.

This property had a land use labeled “Mountains and hills”, which only allowed it to exploit a 20% of the domain, and now it has been labeled “Hotel Tourist Asset” (ATO), which allows it to be fully exploited, with a suface area of 116 thousand 624 meters squares.

One of the votes in favor of this was that of the Mayor Óscar Leggs, who assured that public access to the hills will continue to be free, since it is one of the most frequented trails for hikers. At the top of the hill there is an impressive view of the Baja California Pensinsula, where also the Meteorological Towers stands, which will be restored by the National Water Commission (Conagua) with an investment of 1.7 million dollars.

In the management made before de Council, Eleazar Unzón Carrillo appears as the owner, although he represents a family that has owned this land for decades, where the construction of two hotels and a residential development is now planned.

Inquired about this matter, Julio Castillo, president of the Los Cabos Coordinating Council, said that this area is already impacted around with houses and condominiums, and that the new area that was given land use only allows to build up to four stories; moreover, that hiking paths and pedestrian access will not be affected.

“There is still no known plan or project on the part of the owners, so it will be necessary to review in due course what they are proposing,” concluded the business leader.

image source: alltrails.com