Every Thursday from November to June, the art galleries in San José del Cabo put out their best outfits to welcome visitors interested in buying paintings, photographs, ceramics or any other of the art objects on display there.

What began as an initiative to attract culture fans, became a tradition and those days there will always be a glass of wine, a snack or the chords of a musician in this desire to do business but also to celebrate art and life.

Álvaro Obregón street is the axis of this walk that also involves the surrounding streets where the owners of the galleries and the artists will always be open to talk about color, the techniques, the composition and the motifs; that is about everything that involves the creation of art.

Some of the most renowned galleries in the Art District are Iván Guadarrama, Ida Victoria, Casa Dalia, Arte Bascón, Muvezi, Old Town, Héctor Estrada, Ave Fénix, Cactus, Corisca, Experiencia Av Tequila, Alfredo Ginocchio, Yandi Monardo, Sotomayor, Patricia Mendoza and Sergio Bustamante.

A lovely tour that can be completed enjoying a dinner in one of the restaurants in the area such as Vela, Café des Artistes, Chambao, Parole and the Bistro de Sebastian Agnés.