Near Los Cabos, is La Paz, also known as the front door to the Sea of Cortez, a place where you will awaken your senses and get to know the wonders of nature.

Nature, sports, history, fine dining and culture are part of this city.

You´ll be able to snorkel with sea lions, whale sharks and also dive in what, Jaques Cousteau, named “The world´s aquarium”.

If you like fishing, La Paz is the ideal place for you, since it is also known as the capital of the roosterfish.

You´ll also discover thousand-year-old cave paintings and the peninsula´s history, which has been inhabited for more than 8000 years.

You´ll enjoy warm sunsets and fascinating nights, walking through the historic center or along its almost 3 Km waterfront, where you’ll find incredible sculptures. 


This is a crystal clear water, white sanded shallow beach. Ideal for snorkeling and kayaking. 

It´s nature will lead you to discover the famous rock, known as “El Hongo de Balandra” (Balandra´s mushroom), a formation that defies gravity, shaped in this peculiar form after thousands of years of erosion.

Espiritu Santo Island

The Espiritu Santo Island is, without a doubt, a gem of the Sea of Cortez; located at La Paz´s bay, is one of the most intact insular ecosystems in the world.

Here you will be able to enjoy swimming with friendly sea lions, practice kayaking, snorkeling, diving and hiking through the desert or simply, cruising on a boat and watching nature’s unique wonders.

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